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A lot of the indoor things we’ve done over the last 6 months have definitely been driven by Thing 1 and the activities she likes to do (making slime, baking etc.) so I was keen to try and come up with an activity that was similarly kitchen based but would appeal to Thing 2. If it worked it meant we always had a repeatable activity that he enjoyed that we could all do together. Thing 2 is an avid footballer and he loves a bottle of Lucozade sport on match days and training so we decided we would try and make our own DIY isotonic sports drink for this activity!


What actually happened?

Before we could get into the making, I tried to explain to the Things about why people use isotonic sports drinks. My explain went something like this:

“So when you do lots of sports and exercise…”

Thing 1: “Like my gymnastics?”

Thing 2: “Like my football?”


“Yes for all those activities you need to make sure you body has enough fuel to give you the energy you need to do well. Isotonic sports drinks have sugars and minerals added so that your body can quickly turn that into energy and you don’t get tired as quickly. Thats’ also why exercise is important because it helps turn any excess sugar into energy and why if you eat too much sugar your body can’t turn it all into fuel and it gets stored as fat instead”

Thing 1: “So if you eat too much sugar you get fat?”

Thing 2: “So all fat people eat too much sugar”



“That’s right, firemen help people, you’ll be a great fireman!”

So quickly moving away from the body shaming aspects of sports nutrition we got straight into the making! The BBC had a great page on sports drink recipes so we opted for a blackcurrant flavoured version of this one:


  • 50-70g sugar
  • One litre of warm water
  • Pinch of salt
  • 200ml of sugar free squash
  • Mix, cool and drink


It is obviously a very simple recipe but it was a good one for 6 year old Thing 2 to do as he was able to do all of it himself with minimum help/supervision. For some reason spooning sugar into our large bottle of juice was his favourite bit and he couldn’t help but crack up laughing with giddy excitement!! Once it was all mixed together we put it in the fridge with agreement that he could have it with his breakfast the next day!

Things Review

We’ve done this activity twice now and the second time Thing 1 was desperate to be as much involved as Thing 2 and it was a simple enough recipe and process for Thing 3 to be part of. They all liked the taste of the juice too so all in all it was a good 1 hour indoor activity for everyone to partake in with the added bonus that we made something for them to drink too. Totaling in at a healthy 4 out of 5.


Super low cost activity with things that most folk will have already in their kitchen. It also has good undertones of eating healthy and why good nutrition is important so we were having fun and learning too. Definitely going to be a regular activity for the squad.