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Park Life

The Plan

It was a lovely sunny Sunday in December and after hearing so many recommendations about Rouken Glen park in Glasgow it was time to give it a visit. The park is in Thornliebank only 15 minutes from the city centre so very easy to get to. I had timed it perfectly with the Things that we would drive there after lunch. This ensured they were all a little sleepy with full bellies and as planned they dozed happily for the 45 minute car ride to the park. My goal was to get them to the park, have a play in the kids play park for a while, walk to the duck pond and feed the ducks and then try and find the waterfall.


What actually happened

The car park at the main entrance is a short walk to the play park for the kids. The Things charged up to it and were immediately in their element. Despite their differing ages (2, 6 and 8) there was enough different activities in the park for them all to have loads of fun. The main challenge for me was to try and keep an eye on them all at the same time as they darted off in different directions! Thing 1 was fascinated with the amount of dogs walking through the park. Sunday was definitely take your dog for a walk day in the park and there were breeds of all shapes and sizes (dogs not the dog walkers!)

I was keen to get them walking too so despite some protestations, including chasing Thing 3 for 5 minutes to get her to leave the play park, we managed to continue our adventure into the park and head for the duck pond. I had planned ahead and had a couple of bags of seeds and nuts for feeding the ducks. I didn’t know this until one of my pals pointed it out quite recently but you shouldn’t feed ducks bread at all. I think they explode or something if you do (at least that’s what I told the Things) but we were sorted with our seeds that the Things threw at various speeds at the assorted ducks and swans gathering along the shore of the pond.

The waterfall is right beside the ducks but despite having directions from my pal (an avid Rouken Glen park fan!) and actually being able to hear it, I did struggle a bit to find it. That was completely down to me however and being distracted by Thing 1 trying to encourage her sister to jump into the pond. There was the least amount to do at the waterfall with the kids but I was really taken with how the two older Things just zoned out when we got there and each took a few moments to look at the water and take it all in. A nice little moment of mindfulness for them both. Thing 3 just wanted to throw large sticks at it.


Things review

I asked the Things for their out of 5 reviews of the park and Things 1 and 2 both came in with a strong 4 out of 5 each. Thing 3 isn’t quite there with the concepts of numbers but she certainly enjoyed the play park and the ducks but was probably a little wee for all the walking so we’ll give it a 3 out of 5 from her. Rounding up that puts us close to a 4 out of 5 Thing score for Rouken Glen.


It was a lovely day out, greatly helped by the weather. I had made sure everyone was in wellies otherwise it would have been too muddy and we wouldn’t have been able to walk across the park to get anywhere. Despite it being a busy Sunday with lots of people there it still didn’t feel crowded even in the kids play park and there was a lovely atmosphere of people and families out enjoying a sunny Sunday together. We counted 96 different happy dogs out for walks!