This day was on FIRE!

Kids love the fire station. Thing 3 in particular is very keen on being a fireman when she’s bigger and takes great delight in telling me this whenever she gets the chance. Eager to encourage this vocation and, I’m not going to lie, I was very proud of Thing 3 for going against convention with her little girl ambition. No princess dress and fairytale carriage for her. She wants a fire truck!

The Plan

I’m lucky in that one of my friends works in the local fire station so I reached out to see if it would be ok to bring the Things for a short visit. Nothing special, just a visit to get the Things excited. Maybe see a fire engine. He was way more enthusiastic then expected and agreed I should bring them down the next saturday.

What actually happened

OHMYGODITWASTHEBESTDAYEVER. The firemen went all out to give the Things the most amazing day. It started with a test of the alarm so they got to see how emergency calls are put through to the station. After that it was wonderful chaos. I didn’t have time to turn around before each of the Things were off doing activities with 2 of the firemen looking after each. Thing 1 had found that a training body and was trying to drag it across the yard, Thing 2 was trying on breathing masks and Thing 3 was sitting in the front seat of the firetruck pretending she was driving.

It wasn’t all just messing about though and the kids got to learn lots about how the guys would search a house when it’s on fire and full of smoke, they learned how the Fire station worked in terms of how they firemen lived together in the station including where they ate and slept when they were on call.

Already the visit had been brilliant fun but the best was yet to come. We all piled into the back of one of the firetrucks and they proceeded to drive it round the yard with the lights flashing. Then out we hopped out and the hoses came out. The Things all got to fire the hoses in the yard to the point they actually emptied the truck with water and got the added bonus of working with the firemen to fill it up again from the hydrant.

Things review

Of the many adventures we have had this is definitely one that they all loved in equal measure. They all got individual attention from the firemen so there wasn’t a moment for them to be bored or fed up and it was definitely a dream come true to be given that level of access to the station and all the toys within it. 5s across the board from all the Things.


A hard one to repeat but we took our chance when it came up and definitely had a day that will stay with the Things as a very happy memory for a very long time to come.

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