Happy (Chinese) New Year

person eating using chopsticks

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Tuesday the 5th of February marked the start of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. The Chinese Zodiac symbols means that this is the year of the Earth Pig too. I decided to mark this event with a Chinese themed dinner and games with the Things so that hopefully they learned a little bit about another culture and we had some fun at the same time. The plan was quite simple, have a nice dinner together and then play some relevant games all around a Chinese New Year theme!

What actually Happened

First things first was dinner! The Things have pretty good palettes and will eat a good variety of dinners but they do like what they like so we had some discussions/debate about what dinner would work best. The agreement was 2 different forms of chicken stir fry (sweat and sour and one lightly fried in soy sauce)  accompanied by fried rice and some fortune cookies for after. We all agreed that everyone had to give chopsticks a try for eating their dinner too. Things 1 & 2 did pretty good with that bit but Thing 3 just decided to use hers as a harpoon to hunt the chicken in her bowl. At least she ate it though!

While we were eating we worked out the zodiac animal for the year they were all born. Things 1 & 2 were very pleased with being born in the years of the Tiger and the Dragon and found it hilarious (and very apt) that Thing 3 was born in the year of the Monkey!

After dinner it was time for some games. First up was Chinese Ball. With all of us in a circle we through a ball to each other and the recipient had to catch it while those either side held up their arm nearest. The aim is to surprise someone so they don’t catch it or catch someone out for not putting up the proper arm as the ball whizzes from person to person. They really enjoyed this and it got nicely competitive!

Our second game was Catch the Dragon’s Tail or “Deathmatch Conga Line” as I will always remember it. Basically you form a line with your arms on the shoulder of the person in front of you. The person at the very front has to try and catch the person at the very back and those in the middle can turn to try and stop them but you can’t break the line. They really loved this one and had great fun destroying every room we played it in as they charged about after each other. Thing 3 didn’t really know what was going on but she couldn’t stop laughing as the conga line dragged her about the place.

Things Review

This was a perfect way for the Things to celebrate Chinese New Year and they definitely got involved. It’s a fairly specialised activity though and although we can always play the games whenever we want wrapping it all up into a Chinese Near Year activity day isn’t going to happen much more than once a year. With that in mind the Things give it a solid 3 out of 5


Cheap, easy and incorporates the Things favourites of food, games and being funny at the dinner table. A lovely evening together.

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